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Concept of Empire Lounge
Empire Lounge is a unique experience which allows you to travel back in time to one of the greatest empires in world history, an era of spectacle, dramatics and pageantry.
Empire Lounge delivers a nightlife experience in the center of Elizabeth for staging various forms of entertainment for the masses...a gift to all.
We utilized the latest engineering, building techniques and artwork to stage the scenery from ancient Greece, Rome and the Colosseum. We have created a breath-taking structure conveying enjoyment, style and diversity with a feeling of the might and power of the Empire two thousand years ago.
We will deliver a quality, VIP experience to all who enter. We will provide a nightly showcase of visuals from the Roman era to convey the extent of Empire Lounge’s conquest of the nightlife industry.
The provision of nightlife activities are seen as a method to please all nightlife patrons and have them talking about their experience for years to come.

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